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      U.S. R \u0026amp; D super-capacitor energy storage system

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      An American named EnerG2 of startups, recently in Oregon, USA (Oregon) build factories that produce a can be improved for battery and energy storage equipment supercapacitor materials. The us department of energy to give the factory value 213 million dollars in aid money, this is 2009 recovery act authorized $2.4 billion subsidies as part of the project. The subsidy, aims to accelerate American electric car production and marketing. But over the next few years, battery manufacturer and automobile manufacturers will use of this new material is uncertain.

      EnerG2 company says, this material, a kind of activated carbon electrode used in - can improve supercapacitor performance. These equipment storage a small fraction of the battery energy, but can conveying greater amounts of power, and suddenly become more can undergo more recharge cycles. At present, supercapacitor has a variety of applications, such as hybrid buses and wind turbines (to adjust the inclination of the leaf. EnerG2 company also hinted that this technique could be "eliminate gasoline" key.

      The company is using a new way to create a supercapacitor electrode of activated carbon materials. Now, the commercial supercapacitor is to use organic ingredients, common raw material is coconut shells. But organic material will containing impurities, its production processes, enable the company changed supercapacitor properties.

      For example, change materials in nanoscale stomata size and shape can increase the surface area, which will increase energy storage capacity. Or, the company can control charge free flow of materials degree, make its conveying changing suddenly become more power. In fact, materials containing less impurities, can make supercapacitor manufacturers redesign their energy storage devices for ministering in higher voltage under operation, can increase by about 20% of energy storage capacity. Finally, this material can make supercapacitor per watt of cost cuts in half. EnerG2 company's chief executive Rick, libby (Rick Luebbe) said: "this is not the sort of too expensive, cannot undertake commercial production of nano technology."

      But some super capacitor manufacturer has not been persuaded, headquartered in San Diego Maxwell Technologies company is just like a producer. The company is responsible for communication and investment relationship with the vice President Michael pine heart (Michael Sund), said the company has agreed to test the new materials. He says, has tested all synthetic materials obviously than from organic raw materials, activated carbon, more expensive will have enough quantity, proven performance and cost is concerned, organic carbon is still the best materials available. When the company to consider in the new applications use supercapacitor, their biggest worry is cost, he said, "so we never in order to obtain a tiny improved performance and for carbon pay more money."

      EnerG2 company technology used in the manufacture of activated carbon could prove to be more effective and can solve some key problems, and promote planning in the advanced battery design. Lithium battery and lithium sulfur - air battery, although it is still better than stored in such as gasoline fuels such energy of a lot less than today's battery, but more than twice the energy storage. Make these cells become practical, is very challenging. Many test battery only in several cycles cease charging, or because conductivity or harmful chemical reactions in the cause of the problem, cannot close to their theoretical energy storage capacity. In carbon electrode on the pore structure precise control of help solve many of these issues.

      For example, researchers recently show, orderly carbon electrode - by neatly carbon nanotubes structure composed - to be able to do in the lithium sulfur battery storage of relatively high energy, this is through in a material limited space improve conductivity and promote needed chemical reactions. But the technology will make these electrodes is very expensive. EnerG2 company method can provide a cheaper way to making this neatly carbon structure.

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